Enrolling in Capstone

Places in Capstone are assigned based on first come-first served as well as eligibility. Instructor permission is required to enroll in Capstone.

To be considered for Capstone, students must be advised early in the advising season (first come-first served). After the grades for Research Methods are available (see eligibility below), the chronological list is created. Based on the date their flag was raised (generally the day the advising appointment was held), a list is created of all the students who asked for instructor permission to enroll in Capstone (indicated this on their Course Selection eForm.)

After the list is created eligibility is assessed. Students who were advised early and are eligible will be notified by email that instructor permission has been granted.

To make sure the process is smooth, we always:

  1. For the Fall course: wait until grades are entered Spring and Summer for (PSYC 3341) Research Methods. That way, if a student is in this prerequisite course, and does not pass, we do not provide the override.
  2. For the Spring course: wait until grades are entered for Fall grades for (PSYC 3341) Research Methods. That way, if a student is in a prerequisite course, and does not pass, we do not provide the override.
  3. Verify eligibility: We review every request to ensure that the student is ready for Capstone. Most if not all other requirements for the major must be met or the student may not be prepared or successful in Capstone.
  4. Provide “instructor permission” waivers only to students who have enrolled already in the next semester’s courses. Having students enroll in upcoming semester courses before we provide the override allows us to evaluate how close you are to graduation.

Please note the following:

  1. Instructor permission waiver will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis. If you were advised early, your place in the queue is secure (unless you have not passed the prerequisite course and/or enrolled in the upcoming semester’s courses.)
  2. Students who fail Capstone are assured a seat the next semester.
  3. Students who withdraw from the Capstone course are treated as if they are newly requesting access. They are responsible for being advised and enrolled early.
  4. If demand exceeds the seats available, we will inform students of their place on the waitlist.
  5. A week before classes start we will review enrollment in the courses. If there are seats still unclaimed. At that point, we will provide instructor permission waivers to those at the top of our waitlist.
  6. Instructor permission waiver is section and CRN specific. Our goal is to provide the override to the section and CRN of your choice.
  7. If you attempt to enroll in another section – you will not be able to do so.
  8. We do not provide waivers to enroll in full courses.
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