Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

UA Little Rock offers a graduate certificate in nonprofit management for executives, directors and managers of nonprofit organizations as well as students interested in entering the nonprofit sector. The program is designed to improve the management and leadership skills of persons working in all sizes of  organizations in a variety of settings.  Many students who matriculate in the certificate program often enroll, or continue their advanced studies in the MPA program.

Classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty and experienced professionals in the local nonprofit community. Learning with managers from nonprofit organizations enables students to develop their personal styles of management and leadership while gaining knowledge and skills in topics outside their immediate job areas for further professional growth.


The graduate certificate requires 18 credit-hours (6 courses) for completion. Students can complete the program in one year or go at their own pace, and courses may be taken in any sequence. Independent study and special topics are also available as electives.

Required Courses – (6 hours)

  • Nonprofit Management (PADM 7336)
  • Independent Study (PADM 7330)

Electives (Choose 4 courses) – (12 hours)

  • Human Resource Management  (PADM 7313)
  • Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations  (PADM 7324)
  • Public Organization Networks for Nonprofits  (PADM 7326)
  • Grant Writing and Fundraising  (PADM 7334)
  • Urban Management  (PADM 7335)
  • Managing Public Disputes  (PADM 7341)
  • Current Issues in Nonprofit Management (PADM 7346)
  • Program Planning and Evaluation (PADM 7380)
  • Grant Writing (RHET 5375)
  • Small Group Communication (ACOM 7311)
  • Public Relations for the 21st Century Nonprofit  (MCOM 7350)
  • Evaluation Research I & II (SOWK 8159 and SOWK 8259)

Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or 3.00 on the last 60 hours, submit two letters of recommendation and a one-page professional statement describing the student’s background and interest.

For more information contact Dr. Jerry Stevenson, Program Coordinator. or 501-569-3331

For professionals not wanting to enroll in a university degree program, the Certified Volunteer Manager program offered through APAC can serve as a beneficial alternative. At the undergraduate level the Nonprofit Leadership Studies minor offers students an opportunity to prepare for leadership roles in nonprofit organizations.

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Federal regulations require UA Little Rock to disclose specific information about any non-degree program that is approved for Title IV federal financial aid. Currently, this certificate program is eligible for federal financial aid. Find out more »