Student Aides – Application

SLUFY is happening this summer at UA Little Rock! On campus, the children will experience a metropolitan environment in the heart of Little Rock’s learning community. We want your experience as an Aide to be as exciting and fulfilling as the participants’.

Who is eligible to apply to be a Student Aide?

Student Aides should currently be in high school or college. The number of SLUFY students will determine the number of Aides needed.

Aides must be available July 8-19, 2024, Monday through Friday from 12:15 – 5:30 p.m.

What will the Aides be doing?

This summer, there are a variety of assignments and activities for Students Aides to choose. Student Aides are expected to be role models for other students and be able to tolerate the heat. Each Aide will receive a letter documenting his or her volunteer hours.