Student Affairs Leadership Academy Agreement

The goals of the Student Affairs Leadership Academy, which began in 2019, are to build up our staff, help employees develop professional goals, learn and employ the skills necessary to accomplish their goals and build upon their relationships within the Division and beyond. This investment of time and resources into our staff is one way we are working to increase long-term employee satisfaction and success. Read more about this opportunity here.

You have been nominated by your director and/or senior leader (Assistant Vice Chancellor or equivalent) with the understanding of the time commitment required on your part. Please complete the form below to confirm your participation. Upon completion, Sharon Ann Downs will send additional information about the Academy as well as a poll to determine the best time to schedule training sessions.

The Student Affairs Leadership Academy runs from June through December, 2023, with one required training per month for 1.5 hours.(Required)
Student Affairs is investing significant time and resources into this professional development opportunity and participants are expected to attend all monthly trainings.(Required)
Absences from any of the monthly trainings will necessitate prior approval from my AVC or equivalent (when possible).(Required)
A component of the Leadership Academy experience is working on a small group project to be substantively complete by December, 2023.(Required)
Questions or concerns about the Student Affairs Leadership Academy should be promptly directed to Sharon Ann Downs (501-952-0059 or