Usage Rates & Eligibility

We welcome non-student guests to use our facilities.  Usage rates for the Fitness & Aquatic Centers are as follows.


Day Pass:  $6.00
Individual Membership:  $25.00 per month
Family Membership:   $45.00 per month
Senior Membership:  $12.50 per month
Alumni Association Membership:  $12.50 per month
University District Family Membership:  $22.00 per month
University District Individual Membership:  $12.50 per month



UA Little Rock student membership is at no additional cost during the term in which the student is attending class.  Continuing students must pay $25.00 to activate a Summer membership (end of Spring term to the beginning of Fall term).

Individual membership for a sponsored* individual 18 and over is available for $25.00 per month or $250.00 per year.

Family membership for a sponsored* family, consisting of parents or spouses and children under 24 years old, memberships are $45.00 per month or $450.00 per year.

UA Little Rock Alumni membership for individuals in good standing with the UA Little Rock Alumni Association.

Please contact the Fitness Center desk for any questions on fees, hours of operation, guest fees, etc.  They can be reached at 501-916-5983.

*Sponsorship is via UA Little Rock prepaid general membership recipients.