Fitness and Wellness

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A basic assessment only takes about 15 – 30 minutes and it gives you a quick evaluation of your health. Each assessment includes height/weight, blood pressure, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility and a cardiovascular fitness test. Download the Campus Rec app to see details about class schedules.

Other programs offered by the Fit/Well Program include:

If you have questions, please email us or call 501-916-5979.

Fit/Well Class Descriptions

Barre` Above– Challenge those areas that you rely on the most. A strong lower body gives you a great base, and your core is the source of all major movement. You will use a variety of exercises, body weight, and equipment to achieve a leaner, stronger you!

Boot Camp – Strength and cardio exercises designed to challenge your strength and endurance while blasting away calories. Improve your strength and endurance here!

Cardio CombinationCombines cardio movement with toning/strength training moves to torches calories with a variety of genres. There can be rhythm, body-sculpting, toning or yoga!

Cardio Kickbutt! Fusion– Kickboxing inspired moves (low impact) with conditioning and toning emphasis. You get two workouts in one!!

H.I.I.T. – Don’t let the name High Intensity Interval Training scare you. High intensity refers to the amount of effort expanded. Interval training involves alternating segments of work and recovery. Results include high gains in cardiovascular endurance with regular attendance.

Intensity– A high-intensity class using the concepts of muscle confusion to improve endurance.

Line Dancing– Learn the latest moves and patterns on the floor! You’ll learn the hottest moves while grooving to the beat. Lose your party wallflower status here!

L.I.I.T. – Low Intensity Interval Training is various low impact and slow paced exercises performed for a time frame with short rest periods. Class is designed to elevate the heart rate to 50 – 60 percent aerobic capacity using light to moderate weight.

Matwork & Flow– Using movements and patterns from yoga, pilates, and strength training, this class will help you improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. It will help you learn to use your breath with your body movements, improve your coordination, and use your body as a full, functional unit.

Matwork & Moon Flow– Using movements and patterns from yoga and pilates, this class will help you improve strength, flexibility, and body awareness. It will help you learn to use your breath with your body movements, improve your coordination, and help you feel more centered.  The Moon Flow eliminates upper body strength moves, and helps cool the body, preparing you to transition into evening relaxation.

MixxedFit  – The hottest new dance fitness craze sweeping the nation. It is easy, repetitive, and super high-intensity. Mix boot camp-inspired moves in with your dancing!

PM Flow – Using movements and patterns from yoga and pilates, this class will help you improve strength and flexibility, and muscle tone. It will help you learn to use your breath with your body movements, improve your coordination, and wind down into your evening.

POUND Rockout Workout – A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. A low impact workout with no dancing required, and you groove to the beat!

Restorative Yoga – Emphasis on gentle stretching and mental and physical relaxation. You will leave feeling better than you arrived! A class for all levels of flexibility.

Step Aerobics– Improve your cardio health, build cardio endurance, and challenge your muscular strength using an adjustable height step bench! (Thing about separating the bottom step of a building, then using it to exercise.) Experience a combination of exercises that incorporate step aerobics, strength training, and Pilates, you are guaranteed to burn some major calories!

Strength & Conditioning – Overcome boring workouts with the help of a variety of tools in this muscle development class. All fitness levels welcome.

Stretch & Roll– Using movements and patterns from yoga, stretching, and myofascial release training, this class will help you improve your flexibility, work out tight muscles in the body, and release muscle tension. You will utilize a foam roller and a mat (both provided) for a class like no other!

Water Exercise – Get a low impact cardio exercise workout that’s easy on the joints challenging for your muscles, and fun, all at the same time! This is a predominately standing, shallow water class, with no swimming required!

Zumba – Combining various international moves and music, Zumba targets all major muscle groups while adding flair to any workout. Literally dance the calories away while grooving to the beats!

Zumba/MixxedFit Fusion – In this dance-inspired class, Latin dance meets hip-hop and line dance. Get the best of all worlds!

Zumba Toning – Combines cardio movement from Zumba with light-weight toning stick/dumbbells into a strength training party that torches calories. You will add rhythm to body-sculpting exercises toning target zones to the beats!