Campus Recreation

The purpose of the UA Little Rock’s Campus Recreation is to provide opportunities for a diversified population to recreate, exercise, and socialize through a variety of programs. Campus Recreation helps stimulate student learning and development as well as enhance the quality of life for the students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Recreation offers the following programs:

  • Fitness & Wellness Classes – Offers approximately twenty-five (25) group fitness classes (fall and spring), personal programming, personal training, incentive programs, personal assessments, and CPR/First Aid classes during the academic year.
  • Intramural Sports – Offers approximately fifteen (15) individual and/or team sports during the academic year.
  • Outdoor Recreation – Offers students the opportunity to experience the outdoors through the rental of camping equipment.
  • Special Events – Offers opportunities for leisure, education, socialization, fitness, and fun through a variety of alternative events. The program’s purpose is to provide off-campus connections with other universities’ participants through competitive and recreational events.

Current Campus Activities