Trojan ID Card

The Trojan ID Card is the official name for your UA Little Rock student ID card (note: this card shows your photo, ID number, and library number). You can get your Trojan ID Card at the Information Center, located on the first floor of the Donaghey Student Center (DSC) directly across from the Bookstore. There is no fee to obtain your first card. New Students must be registered for classes prior to making their first Trojan ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my ID number is?
When you apply online to BOSS, the system provides you with a temporary ID number so you can access the system during the admissions process. Once your information has processed through the system, your official ID number starting with the letter “T” for Trojan followed by 8-digits (ex. T00123456) will be issued.

You can also obtain your ID number by attempting to login to BOSS by typing in your Social Security number (SSN) as your User ID and select “Login”. Your official ID Number will then be displayed. You should record the new ID number at that time and close your browser window to help reduce the risk of identity theft.

Can I select my own ID number?
No. To ensure greater efficiency and security, UA Little Rock issues computer-generated ID numbers.

How will I know if my ID number is being sent to the right address?
The address you submitted at the time of application is the address where your Student ID number will be sent. If this address has changed, you need to log on to BOSS and follow the Personal Information tab and link to update your contact information.

Who is eligible to get a Trojan ID?
Students enrolled in the current semester or active employees. New students must be registered for classes prior to making their first Trojan ID.

If I am both an employee and student of the University will I receive two different numbers?
No, each individual is issued only one ID number. For further information about your ID number, please contact the Office of Records and Registration or call 569-3110 if you are a student, or contact Human Resources if you are an employee.

Where can I use my Trojan ID Card?
Your card should be carried with you when you are on campus. Please note that the card is the property of UA Little Rock and must be surrendered upon request.

You can use your card in the following ways:

  • To access the DSC Fitness Center
  • To check out books and resources at the Ottenheimer Library circulation desk
  • As a declining balance card. You can deposit money on the card and use it at any Dining Services vendor (office located in the DSC 117)
  • Enter the south entrance on Campus Drive from Asher Avenue
  • Access to Residence Hall if living on campus

You may park in no-fee parking lots designated as ID required areas on the parking map. Note: hang-tag required lots are fee-based and managed through Public Safety.

Is there a fee for my replacement ID?
The cost for a replacement card is $15.  If your card was stolen, the replacement fee is waived when presenting a copy of the police report.

Do I have to renew my Trojan ID card every semester?
Once you receive your Trojan ID card, you do not have to come back and get it updated or activated. The card automatically updates as soon as the new semester begins. Also, you must be an active, enrolled student for your card to function. If you have any holds on your student account, your card will be denied.

How do I get a new card if it is lost?
The cost to replace a lost card is $15. To replace a card please go to the Cashier’s Office in the Student Services Center and bring your receipt to the DSC Information desk (DSC101).

How can I become a member of the Fitness Center?
Fitness Center memberships require card access. You can purchase a membership at the Cashier’s Office or the kiosk located inside the Fitness Center. The following groups are eligible for membership access.

  • UA Little Rock student’s immediate family members
  • UA Cooperative Extension staff
  • UA Cooperative Extension immediate family members
  • UA Little Rock alumni
  • UA Little Rock  alumni immediate family members
  • UAMS students and employees
  • UAMS immediate family members of students and employees
  • Anyone who has worked or taken classes from LRU or LRJC

What if I have other questions?
If you have other questions, please contact DSC Administration at 501-916-3362 or email us at