Disc Golf Course

We are excited about the addition of a disc golf course at UA Little Rock! This 1,880-foot par-3 course is in the center of campus between the Fine Arts Building and the Student Services Building.

course map It features nine challenging holes which cover an expanse of grass, trees, and water. You can bring your own equipment or check it out at the DSC Fitness Center for a quick game between or after classes.

Discs may be checked out at the DSC Fitness Center with your student/staff ID Card. The course is free to use but availability may be impacted by special events on campus.


  • Participants must be aware of their surroundings. Please take into consideration where discs may travel as they may endanger others around campus.
  • Any discs traveling into the water areas that are beyond arm’s reach may NOT be retrievable.
  • Lost discs can be returned or found at the DSC Information Desk.
  • Practice hole located just west of teepad #1.
  • Hole location/direction signs at each concrete teepad.
  • Learn more about disc golf on the Professional Disc Golf Association website.

Hole Distances

  • Hole 1: 310′
  • Hole 2: 245′
  • Hole 3: 220′
  • Hole 4: 240′
  • Hole 5: 205′
  • Hole 6: 180′
  • Hole 7: 165′
  • Hole 8: 175′
  • Hole 9: 140′

How to Play

Disc Golf is played like ball golf, but you are using a flying disc. One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. The object is to acquire the lowest score.

Printable Scorecard

Tee-off: Tee throws must be completed within/behind designated tee area.
Putting: Within 10 meters (32´, 10″) of the target, a player may not step past the point of their lie while putting. Falling or jumping is not permitted.
Completion of hole: A disc that comes to rest in the basket/chain, not on top of the target or wedged in the cage, constitutes successful completion of hole.
Disc above playing surface: If a disc comes to rest above the playing surface in a tree / other object, its lie shall be marked on the playing surface directly below with no penalty.
Out of Bounds: A player whose disc is ruled OB shall receive a one stroke penalty. The player may elect to play the next shot from: (1) The previous lie; or (2) A lie that is up to 1 meter (3´, 3″) from the point where the disc last crossed into OB. This holds true even if the direction takes the lie closer to the hole.
Mandos: A Mando is a mandatory shot that counts toward the par, so your disc must fly to the side of whatever obstacle in the direction of the arrow indicator on our map OR be rethrown until it does (or use a stroke if you are just playing casually).
Course Courtesy: Do not throw until the players ahead of you have finished the hole. YELL “FORE” immediately if you think your disc might hit someone. Players assume all risks of sport.
Additional Considerations: Please keep this course looking nice! Don’t litter. If you see trash, please pick it up.

Group Outings

Does your student organization or group want to reserve the course for a fun event? Send your request to gewatts1@ualr.edu.