Cinco de Mayo

Students at HLI's Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Students at HLI’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration

The purpose of the Cinco de Mayo Celebration is to provide HLI students another opportunity to help the UALR campus community gain a better understanding of this student population. With the help and support of the Department of World Languages, HLI students were able to coordinate this end of the academic year event. Similar to the Dia de los Muertos event held in October, students prepared activities to share with the campus community. Attendees were able to play “loteria,” a Hispanic version of Bingo, and candy was awarded as prizes. There was a chance for students to learn more about the actual meaning of Cinco de Mayo and how it impacted Mexico’s history. There was a variety of individuals from UALR who attended this event, including students, staff, and faculty. HLI was very appreciative of the support of the Department of World Languages. Through the various events, HLI and the Department of World Languages have been able to form a very important bond, in regards to better serving UALR’s Hispanic/Latino students.


Traditional Loteria Card

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