Become a tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for SSS, please complete the online application form below. We encourage all current and continuing students (undergraduate-and graduate-level), alumni, instructors, UA Little Rock staff members, professionals, retirees, and community members at-large to consider applying to be a tutor for SSS. You do not have to be a member of SSS or a current student to tutor SSS students.

Apply to be a Tutor!

Tutor applicants are considered for hire who have earned an A or B in a particular course and/or have adequate-to-extensive experience in the subject area. Previous tutoring, mentoring, and/or teaching experience are also considered. Strong communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to build rapport with others are important qualifications for applicants to possess. If you believe you are qualified to tutor a particular subject(s), you are welcome to apply.

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Orientation to Tutoring Services Required

Prior to being assigned as a tutor for SSS, each tutor is required to go through an orientation to tutoring services.  This online orientation program is available for SSS tutors to complete from any location and at any time convenient to you.  You will print a packet and watch the online information with your materials in front of you.  Once you have completed your orientation, you will be ready to meet with your assigned student when you receive an assignment.  Directions will be provided at the appropriate time for your orientation as a tutor for SSS.

If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact Teresa Jordan, SSS Tutoring Coordinator, at