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Tutors may only be provided by UA Little Rock Student Support Services to UA Little Rock SSS students.

Active SSS participants are encouraged to request a tutor for the current (or up-coming) semester by filling out the online tutor request form.

SSS Tutor Request Form

Students will work directly with tutors to set a regular, weekly tutoring schedule for the entire semester in order to remain successful in their academic progress.

The Online Orientation to Tutoring Services Required

All SSS students are required to take The Online Orientation to Tutoring Services assessment prior to meeting with a tutor.  You may do so online at your convenience.  Questions?  We’re to help!

If you are NOT currently a member of SSS, we encourage you to apply for the program soon!

Apply to SSS today!

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If you are newly admitted to SSS, a freshman in SSS, or have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or less, you will also want to sign up for a SASSEE class to boost your academic efforts.  Select “Get SASSEE!” on the side menu for more information and to sign up for your preferred dates and times, or talk to the tutoring coordinator or your SSS advisor for assistance.

Fun Videos Available to Help You Soar!

For quick thoughts on topics such as how to be a better student, avoiding burn-out, calming test-taking anxiety, and more, go to the Tips & Tricks page to watch short videos!  If you have a topic you would like for us to address, feel free to contact the tutoring coordinator, or let your SSS advisor know.  We are here to support your academic endeavors.

dog with tongue out -- Avoid Burn-out

You are unique in all the world — Watch the videos and excel in school!

Questions? Contact the Tutoring Coordinator at, or call 501-569-8749.