The Online Orientation to Tutoring Services (TOOTS)

UA Little Rock TRIO SSS Tutoring – Welcome & Introduction

Uploaded by TRIO Student Support Services at UA Little Rock on 2018-08-15.

Online Orientation Available!

Prior to receiving an assigned tutor from SSS, each student is required to go through The Online Orientation to Tutoring Services (TOOTS). This online orientation program is available for SSS students to complete from any location and at any time convenient to you.

Tutors are also required to complete TOOTS prior to receiving a tutoring assignment with SSS.

Print your packet linked below and watch the online information with your materials in front of you. Once you have completed your orientation, you will be ready to meet for tutoring when you receive an assignment. Assignments will be sent to tutors and students via email.

Directions for Taking TOOTS!

Select and print each of the written materials linked below (#1, 2, 4). With your materials in front of you, open and take the orientation assessment by selecting the last bulleted link below (#5). This assessment may take between 30-60 minutes. You may pause a video, go back to previous information part-way through a video, or re-watch an entire video, if needed.

  1. Tutoring Orientation Packet
  2. Tutoring Contracts
  3. Make your own SSS Tutoring Schedule with your student/tutor.
  4. Tips & Tips
  5. SSS Tutoring Orientation Assessment

If you have any questions about the orientation process, contact All SSS students are welcome to request a tutor. Best wishes in your studies. Have a great semester!