Our Mission

Our Mission

The Office of Study Abroad at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock encourages students to expand their educational experiences and intellectual perspectives by participating in a study abroad experience. Through study abroad programs, students actively participate in new cultures and experience critical, first-hand engagement with global challenges, which in turn, help them become effective and influential leaders in our global society. UA Little Rock Study Abroad seeks to engage the diverse UA Little Rock student population to become intentional learners who have a heightened sense of global awareness.

Our Vision

To foster these experiences, the Office of Study Abroad, will provide support and services to prepare students for their international experiences. Study Abroad is committed to providing academically based international experiences that will cultivate global awareness by:

  • Developing and providing substantive international learning opportunities.
  • Preparing students and program directors for successful study abroad experiences.
  • Promoting inclusive, affordable opportunities.
  • Supporting and collaborating with UA Little Rock faculty and staff to create programs to meet the needs of UA Little Rock’s unique student body to ensure quality programs and services.
  • Fostering intercultural interactions on campus.
  • Upholding the best practices in the field of international education.

Our Values

  • Affordability and Accessibility
  • Curricular Relevance and Academic Rigor
  • Experiential Learning
  • Excellence and Quality Service to all units, students, and faculty
  • Serving the needs for International Knowledge across UA Little Rock
  • Facilitating UA Little Rock’s engagement with partners worldwide
  • Cultural Awareness and Respect for others