ACT (National Exam)

UA Little Rock no longer administers the ACT.
UA Little Rock Test Center Code: 0132

Types of exams:

There are two types of ACT tests, National and Residual. UA Little Rock accepts only the ACT national scores.

The national test is offered at hundreds of testing centers in February, April, June, September, October, and December. National scores can be sent to any university a student selects from the ACT list.

The ACT Residual Test is offered by some universities exclusively for their students. Residual scores are valid only at the campus where you take the test. They may not be transferred to or used by another institution.

Score reports sent to UA Little Rock

Only official, national, score reports that come directly from ACT are accepted. Student reports, high school transcripts, photocopies, faxes, etc. are not acceptable. To request that a score report be sent to UA Little Rock, one should visit the ACT website at to submit a request.

UA Little Rock receives ACT scores electronically for regular registrants who indicated UA Little Rock as a recipient at the time of their registration for an ACT exam date. Testing Services uploads these scores to the University system within 14 working days, barring any delays.

ACT national registration, change center, accommodation, etc.

There are two ways to register for the ACT national test:

  1. Register online and pay with a credit card.
  2. A paper registration packet may be requested directly from ACT.

ACT Preparation

UA Little Rock Testing Services is not permitted to participate in test preparation of any kind per our contracts with testing companies. We also do not endorse any company, organization, online entity, etc. It is up to the examinee to investigate the various test preparation options.
The following are resources available through ACT and the Central Arkansas Community: