UA Little Rock General Education Core Curriculum

The UA Little Rock Core Curriculum introduces students to the richness of human thought and creativity that finds expression in the areas of the liberal arts, humanities and social sciences.  It nurtures in students the knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and values that provide a foundation for their baccalaureate program and for lifelong learning, fosters intellectual breadth, serves as a context for more specialized study, and allows students to participate meaningfully in the various communities of which they are a part.

All graduates of the University should be able to:

  • Understand how knowledge is acquired and applied in disciplines such as mathematics, social and natural sciences, engineering and technology and the arts and humanities
  • Communicate in a variety of ways including oral, written, visual, professional self-presentation
  • Think critically, engage in quantitative reasoning, and solve problems individually and collaboratively
  • Synthesize and evaluate information using information technology
  • Exercise ethical and personal responsibility
  • Understand civic responsibility
  • Analyze situations based on global and cultural understanding

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