What is Trojan Works?
Trojan Works is an institutional work study program designed to help students find on-campus employment for students that need to supplement their resources to help pay for educational and living expenses as a UA Little Rock student.

What are the requirements for Trojan Works?
Students must be able to work 20 hours per week on campus, be actively enrolled in the current and/or upcoming semester and be ineligible for Federal Work Study.

How do I apply for Trojan Works?
Trojan Works jobs are posted on Workday, the free career system for students to create a personalized profile. Apply for each Trojan Works position by uploading a cover letter/letter of application. Resume or CV and references are option, and recommended.

What happens once I apply?
The hiring supervisor for each position will reach out to you about the position to coordinate interviews with select candidates.

How long can I be employed with Trojan Works?
Current students may work year round (excluding university holidays). Employment is contingent upon continued grant funding and satisfactory job performance.

Will I have to reapply each semester?
No, students will be required to complete an end of semester survey, an annual satisfaction review that includes the intent to return confirmation.

What is the hourly pay for a Trojan Works worker?
Pay matches the Federal Work Study rate of $11.00 per hour.

Is it possible to get raises?
No, raises are excluded from the institutional work study program.

Can I participate in Trojan Works as an international student?
Yes as long as you meet and comply with international student work eligibility requirements.

Can I participate in Trojan Works as a graduate student?
Yes, Trojan Works is open to all levels, except international students that are awarded a graduate assistant position.

How do I submit my time?
Students are responsible for entering their time through Workday.

How will I receive my money earned through Trojan Works?
Students will be prompted to establish direct deposit once they have been hired and complete the onboarding process through Workday.

Are taxes deducted from my check?
Yes, providing you designate the proper tax withholding elections during their onboarding process in Workday.

Is Trojan Works the same as Work Study?
No, Trojan Works is an institutional work study employment program funded in part by UA Little Rock and through a foundation partnership. Trojan Works is independent of federal funding. However, Federal Works Study students enjoy the same training opportunities available to Trojan Works students.

Federal Work Study

  • Federally funded program.
  • Can work up to 20 work hours per week.
  • Cannot work when classes are out of session.
  • Allotments are based on your FAFSA.

Trojan Works

  • Foundation and institutionally funded program.
  • Offers year-round employment excluding university holidays.
  • Has a set allotted amount each year.
  • International, Graduate, and Post-Baccalaureate students are eligible to participate in the program.

How do I apply for a Social Security card?
Visit the website for Social Security Administration (SSA.gov) and apply for a replacement card. You should receive a confirmation page. Write your social security number on the confirmation page if it is not listed. Upload your confirmation document. The Department of Human Resources will verify your information through the SSA database. You will then have 90 days to present your signed social security card.

When will I be able to start working?
After students have completed the hiring process and paperwork, Workday will send confirmation emails of account access. Workday can then be accessed through the student’s BOSS account in the employment section to start the onboarding process.

How do I access my Workday account?
Please click on the link to download, Workday Sign-In and Onboarding. This Word document will provide employees with information regarding Workday setup and completion of onboarding.