Hiring Supervisors


All Workday processes pertaining to Trojan Works are handled by the Trojan Works program. Hiring supervisors are invited to review only the candidate applications for their respective job requisitions. Applications must be vetted through the Trojan Works program before moving candidates forward for review. Supervisors should communicate their candidate interests by email to trojanworks@ualr.edu.


Position requests for fiscal year 2025 are closed.

Job Ad Submission

Once you have been awarded a position, we will contact you to request your job ad. Please do not submit your job ad until you have been provided the position number from the Trojan Works team. All positions will be posted through the Workday application available to UA Little Rock students.

Hiring Form

Once you have decided on a student to hire you will need to complete the Hiring Form. This form will provide the information needed for the Trojan Works Coordinator to complete the Workday hiring processes on your behalf. Be sure to include the desired start date for your student worker. Students may not begin working before onboarding in Workday is complete.

Performance Improvement Plan

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is designed to help you work through any early student employment issues directly with the student, providing an avenue for all parties to have a clear understanding of expectations and improvements needed. All efforts will be made by the program coordinator to mediate any persisting and/or unresolved employment issues. Contact the Trojan Works Coordinator to discuss PIP procedures.

Trojan Works Student Termination Form

A Trojan Works Termination Form must be completed to terminate any Trojan Works employee for any reason.

Trojan Works Rubric

All Trojan Works workers are graded on their work performance. We ask that supervisors evaluate the worker’s work performance using the rubric provided around the midterm and the end of each semester.