Class Trip Authorization form revised – now “Student” Trip Authorization form

We are pleased to announce that the Class Trip Authorization form has been revised to more accurately reflect it’s intended purpose per UA Little Rock’s Student Travel Policy. If you will recall, the policy states that any student trips must be authorized prior to travel and students must be covered by travel insurance. This includes student travel not associated with a particular class. The use of the word “Class” in the title of the previous form has caused lots of confusion over the years.

Therefore, the first change is that the title has been revised to “Student Trip Authorization.” We have also added instructions at the top of the form and re-designed the information section.

A copy of the new form is located on our forms website at:  

Finally, in case you were unaware, we have a Travel website that you may find a helpful resource for student and employee travel. It contains links and resources related to UA Little Rock’s travel policy and procedures all in one location.

Thank you to those who have provided input on this form revision. As always, we appreciate feedback so that we can provide the best possible service to the campus community.

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