Activity Code Maintenance (FTMACTV)

Completed form should be forwarded to the Office of Financial Services for processing.

Activity Code Maintenance Form FTMACTV



Section A. New Activity Code

(Complete Sections A & C Only)

Activity Title: What title you would like for the new activity. Example: Recruitment

Effective Date: The date the activity code needs to be available for use.

Suggested Activity Code: Please provide a suggested code you wish to use for the new activity. Verify that this code does not already exist on FTVACTV.

Section B. Revision of Activity Code

Current Activity Code: Activity code listed as shown on FTVACTV.

Title: Description of the activity code

When changing an element(s) of the activity code, the current and revised information must be completed.


Title: The current title of the activity, and the requested change in the description.

Other: If wishing to change something other than element(s) listed above, please give detailed description of what you want to change.

Section C. Approvals

Must be completed for both new activity code and revision of activity code. Give as much detail as possible for the purpose of establishing or revising the activity code.

Signatures must be signed in order.