New Travel Process – FAQs

We understand that in order to increase a travel encumbrance, we should submit an Amended TA. If we need to make a FOAPAL change only, do we submit an Amended TA or will budget head approval via email suffice?

Due to a recent audit finding, we are unable to accept FOAPAL changes via email. The original TA must be cancelled and a new TA created in order to change the FOAPAL.

Will amended TA’s retain the original TA#?

Yes, as long as the FOAPAL has not been changed. If the FOAPAL has been changed a new TA would be required and a new TA# assigned.

I am submitting travel documents for a Guest of State traveler who does not have a Vendor ID/T#. What is the procedure to submit these documents?

Answer “NO” to the first question on the Travel Document Submission form (“Does the Traveler have a Vendor ID/T#?”). You will be stopped and provided a link to an online Guest of State Registration form. The W-9 will need to be uploaded with that form. Once a T# is assigned, we will email you with it and you can then proceed to submit travel documents through the portal as usual, using the correct T#.

I have a traveler who took a trip that lasted six days and she drove and incurred vicinity miles on each day. There are not enough lines on the TR-1 to record all of the mileage incurred during the trip? How should this be handled?

Please record the vicinity mileage on a TR-1M and keep all other travel expenses, including destination to/from, on the TR-1.

How should reimbursement documents be completed on a blanket TA that includes over night business trips, destination mileage, and vicinity mileage, which occur on different dates (not associated with just one trip)?

Mileage associated with overnight travel should be recorded on one TR-1 per trip, along with the other travel expenses (hotel, meals, etc.). To clarify, two different overnight trips should be on separate TR-1’s. If vicinity mileage on an overnight trip will not fit on the TR-1, please use a TR-1M for that vicinity mileage for that trip date. Mileage not associated with an overnight stay will go on the TR-1M.

We are unable to see who the traveler/vendor is when searching open encumbrances by ORG (FGIOENC); the vendor is blank. Also, if the traveler’s T# isn’t entered when the funds are encumbered, we cannot query a traveler by vendor as we have to use their T# to do so. Finally, unless we have the encumbrance number in front of us, we have no way to search a traveler’s encumbrance in our vendor or finance screens.

We no longer assign a vendor since there is more than one vendor in a general encumbrance because travel funds are now encumbered as one total expense on the Travel Budget line – 740000. As a result, the vendor/traveler name will not appear on FGIOENC although the Encumbrance Number (TA#) and amount encumbered are visible. A significant modification to Banner would be required to change this, which the university is not in a position to do at this time due to implementation of the new ERP system. Please note the following suggested workarounds:

  1. From FGIOENC, Query Detail Encumbrance Info (from the Options menu) on TA encumbrance lines in order to view the name of the traveler.
  2. Search using Budget Overview (FGIBDSR) by ORG and Account 740000-Travel Budget. You can then drill down from the Commitments column using Transaction Detail Information (FGITRND) to view details on each open travel encumbrance.
  3. Search by TA# using the Document Retrieval Inquiry (FGIDOCR) Banner screen.

On a TR-1 based from a TA with multiple FOAPALs, how will Accounts Payable know which FOAPAL to pay out on first?

The TA form has been revised to allow you to put the order you wish expenses to be applied to each FOAPAL (1, 2, and 3). In addition, an instruction box has been added which will allow you to provide brief special instructions, such as pay the $500 registration fee from this FOAPAL. If further instructions are needed, we encourage you to provide them when you submit the TA and TR-1.

I made the wrong selection for a TA request – it should have been “Blanket TA” and not “TA and supporting documents.” Please let me know what I should do to make the correction.

You don’t need to do anything. The blanket indicator is just a flag to help direct processing in Procurement Services.