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Starting your college search

Researching and applying for college can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Use our checklist to stay on track and reach the milestones in your higher education quest.

Junior year of high school


  • Talk to your counselor to be sure that you’re in the right classes for college admission.
  • Take the PSAT
  • Prepare for the ACT. You may find free or low-cost prep courses, and lots of resources are available online. Your counselor may even be able to help you with fee waivers!


  • Meet with your counselor again to talk about classes during your senior year. Ask about taking summer classes at UALR over the summer to earn early credit towards your degree.
  • Take the ACT. Be sure to have your scores sent to UALR ( School Code 0132)
  • Plan to attend the VIP Reception for Juniors at UALR


  • Call your UALR recruiter about taking classes on campus over the summer


  • Start thinking about teachers, counselors, or employers who you can ask to write letters of recommendation for your scholarship application.
  • Celebrate! You’re almost a senior!
  • Schedule a campus visit

Senior year of high school


  • Register for the SAT and/or ACT if you didn’t take it as a junior, or if you aren’t satisfied with your score and want to take it again. (remember that your counselor can help you with fee waivers). Be sure to have your scores sent to UALR ( School Code 0132)
  • Visit with your counselor to be sure you’re on track for graduation and that you’re taking the right classes.
    Apply for admission! If you’re ready to start the Trojan journey, you can apply as early as August 1 for the next fall:


  • Request personal recommendations from teachers, school counselors, or employers. Be sure to follow up with a note of appreciation!
  • Research scholarships. Ask your counselor, religious and civic groups about scholarship opportunities. Check online, but remember that you should never pay for scholarship information.
  • Join us on campus to DiscoverUALR, a fun day to learn about all UALR has to offer. We’ll even waive the application fee for students who attend and apply that day.
  • Request that your counselor send an official high school transcript to UALR


  • Apply for admission if you haven’t already. You’ll want to apply now to be ahead of the December 1 priority scholarship deadline.
  • Send your high school transcript and test scores to UALR.
  • Submit your scholarship application and supporting documents by December 1


  • Submit your scholarship application by the priority deadline of December 1
  • Apply for housing


  • Submit your Arkansas Governor’s Scholars application: by February 1
  • Ask your parents to complete their tax returns as soon possible. You’ll need that information to complete your FAFSA
  • Come live the life of a UALR student at ExperienceUALR. You’ll go to class, hang out in the residence hall, eat at Trojan Grill, and cheer on the Trojans at an NCAA Division I basketball game!


  • Complete your FAFSA at by March 1 for the best chance of receiveing federal grants and work study. Watch the mail for your Student Aid Report (SAR)—it should arrive four weeks after the FAFSA is filed.


  • Enjoy your Spring Break!
  • Be sure to make an appointment with your academic advisor.


  • Apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship no later than June 1.


  • Accept any UALR scholarships by the May 1 deadline.


  • Have your counselor send a final high school transcript after you graduate.
  • Check your UALR email account for important information
  • Attend orientation! This is where you register for classes, get your Trojan ID, and meet current students, faculty and staff.