Freshmen Admission

We know that deciding where to go to college ranks pretty high as far as life choices go. You want a place that propels you to new intellectual heights, inspires you to be a force for good in the world, and readies you for a career you’ve always dreamed of attaining.  The first step to joining the Trojan family at UA Little Rock is to apply for admission online.

Required documents for freshmen admission:

  • Official current high school transcript: for early admission if you’re still in high school
  • Official high school transcript with graduation date listed: required for all freshmen
  • Official ACT, SAT, Compass or Accuplacer test scores: scores cannot be more than 5 years old, Accuplacer scores cannot be more than 4 years old
  • Proof of two measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines
  • Official college transcript: includes high school concurrent classes and any other courses taken after high school graduation

**Tip**: Official documents are sent directly from the institution that created the document.  For example, official transcripts come from your high school or college by mail or electronic data submission.

Admission standards for freshmen:

  • Unconditional Admission
    • Completion of the high school college preparatory core AND
    • Minimum 19 ACT composite or 910 SAT [test date prior to March 2016] reading & math score (or comparable Compass/Accuplacer score)   1010 SAT [test date March 2016 or later] total score (or comparable Compass/Accuplacer score)  AND
    • 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA
  • Conditional Admission
    • Minimum 18 ACT composite or 870 SAT [test date prior to March 2016] reading & math score (or comparable Compass/Accuplacer) 970 SAT[test date March 2016 or later] total score (or comparable Compass/Accuplacer) OR
    • 2.6 minimum cumulative GPA AND minimum 15 ACT composite or 830 SAT reading & math (or comparable Compass/Accuplacer score)

High school college preparatory core:

  • English – 4 units (Four units with emphasis on writing skills, not to include courses in oral communications, journalism, drama or debate.)
  • Natural Sciences – 3 units (Three units, with laboratories, chosen from Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Only one unit may come from a Life Science.)
  • Mathematics – 4 units (Four units including Algebra I and II, Geometry, and an advanced math course. It is strongly recommended that students take a math course during their senior year.)
  • Social Studies – 3 units (Three units, including one of American History -not to include contemporary American History, one of World History -not to include World Cultures, World Geography, or Global Studies, and at least one-half unit of Civics or American Government -not to include courses in practical arts.)
  • Electives – 2 units (To be chosen from English, foreign languages, oral communications, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, (pre) engineering, and social studies. )

Home-schooled, Online High School, or GED?

  • Home-schooled graduates, online high school graduates, approved military, or those with a GED are unconditionally admitted with an ACT composite score of 19 or equivalent.