Certificate Programs in Art

The Department of Art and Design at UA Little Rock offers some of the most popular programs as certificate programs. These certificates may be earned with a degree program or independent of one.

Applied Design Certificate of Proficiency

The 18-hour Certificate of Proficiency in Applied Design guides students through a series of courses that explain the primary aspects of sculptural and functional materials, combining studio pre-requisite art courses and upper-level courses within ceramics, furniture and woodworking, or metalsmithing and jewelry. Upon completion of the certificate, students will be skillful in the use of equipment, materials, and the aesthetics related to applied design.

Applied Design Certificate of Proficiency Curriculum

Potential Career Fields:

  • Art Fabricator
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Furniture Maker and Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Potter / Ceramic Designer
  • Sculptor
  • Studio Manager
  • Theatre or Film Set Designer
  • Woodworker

Photography Certificate of Proficiency

The Photography Certificate of Proficiency challenges students to perfect their photographic skills, both as a means of artistic self-expression and practical skill with many applications. This certificate consists of 18 hours in photography.

Photography Certificate of Proficiency Curriculum

Potential Career Fields:

  • Documentary Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Landscape Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Real Estate Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer

Digital Arts Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Arts caters to the diverse needs of students taking digital arts courses, providing tangible evidence of their acquired skill sets outside a traditional art subject area. Students in these courses seeking degrees outside traditional art degrees (in computer sciences, information science, communications) greatly enhance their skill sets and employability. The certificate provides the opportunity for local professionals who already have an undergraduate degree and are seeking to advance or expand their career options.

Digital Arts Certificate of Proficiency Curriculum

Graphic Design Technical Certificate

The 30-hour Technical Certificate in Graphic Design covers a multitude of current graphic design and visual communication theories and trends as an alternative to the traditional B.A. or BFA degree. Topics include: aesthetic skill development, software proficiency, typography, print and package design, and digital media. Students will develop a portfolio for employment in the design industry.

Graphic Design Technical Certificate Curriculum

Potential Career Fields:

  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Typeface Designer
  • User Experience User Interface (UX/UI) Designer
  • Web Designer and Developer

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