Spring 2022 Course Evaluations Open April 25th

Course evaluations provide an opportunity for you to give constructive feedback about your experiences, and your participation plays a vital role in providing faculty with information about the effectiveness of their courses. We want to hear from you this spring!

Your responses are confidential and are delivered to your instructor after grades have been submitted for the term. Survey results are anonymized and aggregated by section number on faculty reports, so that your individual responses are not easily distinguishable from those of your classmates.

Evaluation surveys are easy to complete — you can find instructions for how to access and respond to surveys on the Blackboard Student Support website.

As we wrap up the spring semester, please make note of the following schedule for course evaluations:

2nd 9 Week: April 25-May 10
2nd 7 Week: April 25-May 11
3rd 5 Week: April 25-May 11
Full Term: April 25-May 11

The finish line for the spring semester is just ahead, but don’t forget to complete your course evaluations before you go!

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