Your request for books in alternate format has been placed!

Thank you for submitting your request for books in an alternate format. We will begin the process of obtaining them right away. If you make changes to your schedule please notify us at or by calling 501-916-3143. When books are obtained through publishers, you are responsible for purchasing the books and providing the receipt to DRC. If the publisher does not have a digital copy, you may be required to provide the DRC with a hard copy of the book so we can chop, scan, and edit the book into an accessible digital format for you. We will be in touch with you about these details when we know more about the specific books you request.

Since we coordinate the acquisition and conversion of books in alternate formats for many students each semester, we ask for 10 weeks advance request before the start of each semester to acquire and convert your books. Therefore, as soon as you complete advising and registration for an upcoming semester, please remember to submit your request for books in an alternate format.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions.