Donaghey Scholars Present at Research and Creative Works Expo

IMG_3369Fourteen Donaghey Scholars presented work at this year’s UA Little Rock Student Research and Creative Works Expo, covering a wide range of academic disciplines.


Donaghey Scholars Projects and Mentors:

Akshaya Garimalla, Polish Exceptionalism: Property Restitution in Poland and the Judeo-Communist Myth, Mentor: Thomas Kaiser

Sam Shelton, Aquaponics Greenhouse, Mentor: Andrew Wright

Suzanne Abou-Diab, Evaluation of the Readability, Validity, and User-Friendliness of Aphasia Written Web-Based Patient Education Materials, Mentor: Samuel Atcherson

Jack Williamson, Effectiveness of the Backpack Weed Trimmer, Mentor: Rachel Tennial

Gary Blanks, Helping Hand of Greater Little Rock

Lelia Rosenkrans, Physiological Relationships Between Salivary Expressed Metabolites and Dancer Fitness, Mentor: Samantha Johnson

Tyler Maxwell, Algal Oculata Biotemplated Water-Splitting Nanocatalysts Nickel/Iron Oxides, Mentor: Wei Zhao and Caixia Li

Ushna Ilyas, Usefulness of Cerebral Oximetry Along with Neurocognitive and Balance Testing in the Acute Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Mentor: Nawab Ali

Zachary Smith, The Spatial and Temporal Water Quality Along Rock and Fourche Creeks in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mentor: Laura Ruhl

Domonick Esparza, Jeannie Kuang-Nguyen, and Ju Lee, Applications of Phosphorous and Nitrogen Doped Carbons, Mentors: Tito Viswanathan, Nawab Ali, and Brian Berry

Tyler Maxwell, Nannochloropsis Oculata Biotemplated Water-Splitting MoS2 Nanocatalysts for Hydrogen Production, Mentor: Wei Zhao and Caixia Li

Jessica Tate, Postconflict Reconstruction in Darfur: Assessment of its Hybrid Peacekeeping Operation, Mentor: Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm

Rebecca Parker, Removal and Recovery of Phosphate from Wastewater Using Novel Reusable Renewable Resource-Based Nanocomposites, Mentor: Tito Viswanathan

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