TimeClock Plus, Week 1 Roundup

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to the campus community for your cooperation, patience, and feedback as we transitioned to the new time and attendance system last week. In particular, the feedback we have received has allowed us to correct and/or fine-tune settings that will make the system easier to use for all concerned.

As expected, the Payroll Office is experiencing a large volume of requests for manager access, proxies, timekeepers, and organizational structure changes, etc. Although the Payroll Office personnel are trying to address these quickly, some non-essential requests may take up to two weeks to be completed. If your request needs to be addressed sooner, please explain the situation to the Payroll Office.

We would like to take this opportunity to post some reminders and update the campus regarding several issues, as follows:

Approve Time Reports

Faculty, staff, and student workers: Please approve your time reports by 9 a.m. every Monday.

Supervisors: Please approve your employees’ time reports by noon every Monday.

Submit Final Time Report in Web Time Entry and PHATIME

All time reports in Web Time Entry and PHATIME for the Aug. 1 – 15 pay period must be submitted for supervisor approval by Aug. 22 and approved by supervisors by Aug. 23. In addition, timesheet and leave adjustments must be in to the Payroll Office by Aug. 23. This will close out our previous time and attendance system.

Use of Mobile Devices

Non-exempt employees (non-classified, classified and hourly) are required to clock in and out from their designated workstations or timeclock, as directed by their supervisor. In addition, non-exempt employees must clock in/out for lunch each day, unless otherwise directed by their supervisor in writing. Mobile devices may not be used by employees to clock in or out unless it is approved in writing by their supervisor as a result of extenuating circumstances (i.e., working off-site).

Proxy Requests

Requests for a proxy should be submitted using the Proxy Request Form. Please remember that a proxy has the exact same access as the supervisor requesting a proxy and can approve timesheets and/or leave reports on the supervisor’s behalf when the supervisor is unable to. Therefore, a proxy must be someone who is of equal or higher authority and is authorized to make decisions on the supervisor’s behalf. The proxy cannot be an hourly employee, must be a bona fide (classified or non-classified benefits eligible) employee, and cannot approve his or her own time. Finally, the proxy must consent to assume the duties as a proxy on the Proxy Request Form, before the assignment is made.

Timekeeper Requests

A timekeeper is a person assigned by a department who will enter exception time (leave) in TimeClock Plus on behalf of the employee. The supervisor would then approve the time report on behalf of the faculty member and also as a supervisor. The timekeeper role will only be allowed in academic departments and on behalf of faculty members. In certain unique, extenuating circumstances a timekeeper will be permitted for a non-academic department, and only on behalf of exempt employees (exception time). If you have a situation which you believe a timekeeper is necessary and do not meet these requirements, please contact the Payroll Office to explore other options that may be available.

Quick Reference Guides

In order to help you learn the new time and attendance system, we have created Quick Reference Guides that can assist with basic operations. These will be updated periodically to include the most current, useful information for the campus community. Your comments and feedback are welcome and will help keep this as a valuable resource. The Quick Reference Guides are located on the TCP website.

Timeclock Locations

You can view where timeclocks are located around campus on the Timeclock Locations webpage on the TCP website.

Training Presentations Online

We expect to have self-paced, narrated training presentations available on the TCP website this week. These will be excellent resources in training new employees and/or refreshing your memory on how to navigate through the new time and attendance system.

Again, your cooperation and patience has been instrumental during this transition period and first week on the new time and attendance system. We encourage you to continue submitting any questions or concerns through our TCP portal or by contacting the Payroll Office at payroll@ualr.edu or 501-916-3136.

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