On-Demand Payment (Manual Check) Request Procedure

While it is of the highest priority of Human Resources and Financial Services-Payroll to ensure that all employees are paid on the designated paydays, at times issues occur that prevent timely processing of Workday business processes. Some of these issues may include missed deadlines on the part of the department, missing employee documentation in Human Resources, and/or errors during the business process approval (not all-inclusive).

When an employee has not received a paycheck, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The initiator should confirm that all business processes have been successfully completed in Workday. If the business processes are pending in the employee’s or an approver’s inbox, follow up with them to approve the tasks. If all tasks have been completed successfully, ask the employee to review their payslip(s) in Workday.
  2. Check with Human Resources (501-916-3180) if the business process is still pending, along with any associated employment paperwork.
  3. All manual payment requests MUST be approved by the dean, associate vice chancellor, or the designated appointee (the designated appointee must be on file with Payroll) acting in this capacity. The dean, vice chancellor, or designated appointee shall email all manual payment requests to manualchecks@ualr.edu. Manual payment requests generated from department chairs or originators will not be processed.
  4. To avoid multiple messages for the same request, only one email should be sent from the dean, associate vice chancellor, or designated appointee. Please do not copy the listserv as messages are forwarded through the channels of the department and dean levels.
  5. Please indicate in the subject line the words, “Manual payment request for ….”
  6. Also, include the following information in the body of the email:

Name of Employee
Employee’s Workday ID #
Job Title and Position #

All approved manual payment requests will be processed and sent as a direct deposit to the account(s) on file per the “On-demand Complete & Settle by Date” shown on the payroll schedule. Per the Project One team, manual payments (on-demand payments) cannot be processed on a daily basis. 

A paper check will only be processed if the employee does not have a direct deposit account on file. If an employee elected direct deposit as the method of payment for payroll payments, the employee cannot request a paper check. 

An on-demand payment (manual payment) pay schedule is on the Payroll webpage for your review.

If you have questions about these instructions, please contact Human Resources at 501-916-3180 or Payroll at 501-916-3136.