Payroll FAQs

How do I ensure I get a paycheck?

You must have completed the online onboarding process and have turned in all required new hire paperwork to the Department of Human Resources, and you must have completed setting up your payment elections in Workday.

How do I find out where my paycheck is?

Payroll checks for all new employees are distributed by direct deposit. You should check your bank account to confirm deposit of your check or you may go to Workday to access your paycheck information. If your paycheck information is not showing in Workday, you should contact Payroll at 501-916-3136 or to make sure that a check was processed.

How do I report a lost check?

Report the lost check to Payroll. Complete a Lost Check Request form and then Payroll will issue a stop payment on the check. Payroll must receive a confirmation from the bank that stop payment has been processed (may take up to 3 to 5 business days) before a manual check will be issued.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

All new hires are required to receive their paycheck through direct deposit. Employees will add and manage their direct deposit information in Workday. You will need a checking or savings account to sign up for direct deposit. You must have your Account Number and the bank’s name and Routing Number.

How do I cancel or change my direct deposit?

Direct deposit is mandatory for all new hires and re-appointments. Employees may change or update their direct deposit information through Workday.

How do I change federal and state tax withholding amounts?

Tax withholdings are updated in Workday.

How do I find help in completing my federal W-4 form (or how many exemptions to claim)?

You may go to for assistance in determining your exemptions.

How do I estimate the amount of taxes that will be deducted from my paycheck or estimate my take home pay?

You may go to to get an estimation of the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck according to your filing status and the number of exemptions you are claiming. You can also plug in other payroll deductions such as medical insurance, dental, parking, etc. to get an estimate of your take home pay.

How do I estimate if I have enough taxes withheld from my paycheck(s) so I will not have to pay in a large amount to the IRS when I file my tax return?

The IRS website can help with this. Scroll down to Withholding Calculator and click on it. This website requires specific information and you should be as accurate as possible when inputting the required information.

How do I know what supplemental earnings are included in my paycheck?

Supplemental earnings are payments that are not included in your regular salary. Supplemental earnings are defined as bonuses, overtime payments, extra compensation, termination vacation payments, etc. Beginning January 1, 2010, retirement will be deducted from extra compensation payments.

How do I know the tax rates that my supplemental earnings are taxed?

Federal Tax Rate 25.0 %
AR Tax Rate 7.0 %
FICA 6.2 %
MQFE 1.45%
TOTAL 39.65%

How do I change or redistribute and/or move a payroll expense (cost) from one area to another?

Labor redistribution must be reflected on a Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) in Workday. Contact Financial Services for more information. All grant related labor redistribution (cost) must be submitted on a PAF to Grants Accounting for approval before submitting to Human Resources or before changed in Payroll. Contact Payroll at 501-916-3136 or for additional information. All grant related labor redistribution (cost) must be submitted on a PAF to Grants Accounting for approval before submitting to Human Resources or before changing in Payroll.

How do I find out how much leave time I have?

Employees manage time off and leave of absence requests in Workday. You may also contact the Payroll Office at 501-916-3136 or

How do I find out about the 9/12 deduction plan?

The 9/12 Summer Saver Plan is an option offered by the university through the payroll deduction to 9- and 10.5-month faculty. It allows the faculty member to be paid over a twelve-month period. This amount paid into the plan will be held in an account for disbursement during the summer months through a credit union, bank, or other financial institution of the employee’s choice.

The faculty member must establish a Summer Saver account with their financial institution. A direct deposit authorization form must be submitted to the Payroll Office after the account has been established. To get full benefit of the 9/12 plan, the direct deposit authorization form must be in the Payroll Office no later than seven business days before the July 15th or August 31st payroll. For more information, please call the Payroll Office at 501-916-3136 or

How do I know the rates for workers compensation and unemployment?