Student Spotlight: Daniela Dehaghani

Graduate student, Daniela Dehaghani, is no stranger to graduate school. Now pursuing a second master’s degree in Mass Communications, Daniela first earned an MBA from UA Little Rock Graduate School.

Daniela’s Graduate Student Experience

“I noticed almost immediately that all of my classes were small in size. My classmates were interesting and diverse. I learned a lot from students who were experienced in the workforce; their knowledge and stories helped me understand the class material better. I made many great connections through these classmates, opening the door to future career opportunities.

Personally, I found graduate classes less overwhelming than my undergraduate classes were. The classes are fewer, smaller in size, and more focused. I was also able to interact more with faculty members, instructors, and advisors, especially through my work as a graduate assistant for the College of Business. As someone who started with little experience in the business world, this opportunity really immersed me in best practices for business, accounting, marketing, research, and human resources.

I’m now completing a second master’s degree in Mass Communication because I know effective communication is vital to succeeding in business. I’m building a versatile array of skills to help get me to the next level in my career.”

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