Student Spotlight: Christine Jones

Graduate student of the professional and technical writing program, Christine Jones, shares her experience at UA Little Rock Graduate School. Check out her story below!

Christine’s Graduate Student Experience

“In my document design class we created a book cover about a biography we have written about our life. I now have experience writing a grant, contract, and proposals. I have really enjoyed learning the techniques and theories. I enjoy how accessible everyone is and that everyone is willing to help out. As a leader of so many organizations on campus, I can say that the faculty is willing to help the students whenever they need it. My plans after getting my graduate degree involve becoming a communications professional. I spent almost two years in the College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education deans office as the communications assistant. That position embodies every aspect of professional and technical writing that you can think of. I like to have my hands in different projects at once and I realized as the communications assistant that was what my life would be. I loved every second of it!

If you’re thinking about graduate school, I would say take the leap. If you are passionate about learning or a certain program, take the leap and apply. If you work hard, the faculty is going to make sure that you do well!”

Learn more about Christine’s student experience in this video:

UA Little Rock Graduate School Student Spotlight

Meet Christine Jones, a UA Little Rock professional and technical writing graduate student! Christine is an inspiring mother and student who pursued her education all while holding down a job! Check out her story here and on our website at

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