Doctoral Health Insurance Reimbursement

All doctoral students who work as full-time Graduate Assistants (GAs) are eligible for a partial reimbursement of health insurance premiums. The health insurance policy can be issued to the student, or the student can be covered under a policy issued to a spouse or parent.

International doctoral GAs are eligible for the health insurance reimbursement. International students should visit the website for the Office of International Student Services to learn how to apply for health insurance and how to get their official proof of insurance. You must have health coverage and proof of insurance to apply for reimbursement.

To be considered as a full-time Graduate Assistant, you must be:

  • Scheduled to work twenty hours per week as a GA.
  • Enrolled in at least nine hours of doctoral level courses. Exceptions to the enrollment requirement are made for students in their final semester.

The Doctoral Health Insurance Reimbursement provides $400 of insurance reimbursement for Fall and another $400 for Spring.

  • If your health reimbursement is funded by the Graduate School, the reimbursement will be applied to your student account within 2 weeks after the eleventh day of classes.
  • If your health reimbursement is funded by a grant, it will be set up by your college. Please contact your program’s administrative personnel for more information about when the reimbursement will be processed.
  • If you have a balance in your student account, the reimbursement will be applied to that balance. If your student account balance is zero, you will receive a refund to your selected refund preference with BankMobile.

You must apply for the Doctoral Health Insurance Reimbursement each fall and/or spring semester that you are eligible. Before you can submit the request, you will be required to attach a proof of insurance document. This document must contain the student’s name and the dates of coverage.

The UA Little Rock Graduate School’s Doctoral Health Insurance Reimbursement process is completely online. To begin your reimbursement request, please sign in below and complete the form.

If you have any questions or issues with reimbursement, please contact Deletta Browning at or 501-916-6212. If you require technical assistance, please contact Lucas Crosland at or 501-916-6217.