Graduate Coordinator Forms

Below is a list of forms that graduate coordinators will need to process student records.

Online Forms (require log in with NetID)

Admission Forms – prior Decision Letter/Change of Status Form – This form is used to enter a decision for a student’s application and to change the admission status of a student.

GA Appointment Form – to be used to notify the Graduate School of the appointment of a new GA.

Appointment/Adjustment of Supervisory or Examining Committee – to be completed to create/modify a student’s committee (Click on Supervisory Form. Then choose Create a Committee, Add a Member, or Remove Member – NOTE a committee must be created before any adjustments can be made) Click here for Instructions.

Supervisory or Examining Committee Form – to be completed after a student has completed a required review by the committee (Click on Supervisory Form. Then choose Update Committee to Complete/Satisfactory – NOTE a committee must be created and members added before any complete or satisfactory status can be submitted. After a complete status has been submitted no adjustments to the committee can be processed.) Click here for Instructions.

Substitution of a Course for a Required Course or Elective Form – This form is now replaced by the Degree Works process. For specific questions please see your college rep for Degree Works.

Transfer of credit form – to be used if a student is transferring in course work

MMR waiver – to be used to waive the two MMR requirement for students attending in online programs only

Special Registration Request Form – to be used if an undergraduate student meets specific requirements and wants to register for a graduate level course OR if a graduate student wants to register for an undergraduate level course

4+1 Graduate Admission Application – to be used by program coordinator of programs with 4+1 approved programs.

Paper Forms

Degree Audit Form

Registration and Advisement Form

Training Documents

Graduate Catalog Review Process

ARGOS Facts Sheet

How to submit Appointment of Committee and Supervisory Form

Web Now Instructions

Graduate Coordinator Handbook

Other Items

Graduate Faculty Nomination Form

Graduate Catalog Archive

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