Campus Living Appeals

Students have a right to appeal charges issued by the University if they violate written policies and procedures in place. To appeal a charge issued by the Office of Campus Living, please fill out the form below. The entry will be sent to a three-person, cross-disciplinary committee outside of the Office of Campus Living. This committee meets once per week to review the documentation and appropriate policies and procedures. They will then either make a decision or contact you for further documentation. All decisions of the appeals committee are final and will be communicated to you in writing to your UA Little Rock email address.

Campus Living Appeals Process 

  • Resident appeals charges (e.g. Key, Room, Cleaning, Meal Plan) by completing the online Campus Living Appeal Form. The appeal must be for charges that happened within the current academic year.
    Appeals Committee will meet biweekly to review the appeal form and all relevant information and render a decision. The appeals committee can either approve or deny the appeal based on the information received.
  • Resident is notified of the decision within 48 hours after the appeals committee has met.
  • Resident has five business days upon receipt of the decision to appeal to the Director of Campus Living.
    Agree with the Decision?
    Yes. (No Action Needed)
    No.  You have 48 hours to email the Director of Campus Living with additional information as to why your Appeal should be granted.
  • If the student appeals, Director of Campus Living will review the appeal and render a decision within three to four  business days.
  • If the student does not agree with an appeal decision given by the Director of Campus Living , they may appeal to the Dean of Students for a final appeal.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact the Office of Campus Living at 501-916-3743.

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