Campus Living Services

Cable TV (IPTV)
All residents have access to Xfinity on Campus. Cost is covered in your housing fees. Any problems with your Xfinity on Campus accounts should be reported to the IT Office.

Camera System
Surveillance cameras are placed throughout the Campus Living complex. Tampering with any surveillance camera equipment will be viewed as a threat to community safety and may subject the individual to removal from residence and possible legal action. Recorded activity is for use by Campus Living, University, and law enforcement officials and may be used as evidence in the campus judicial system or in legal proceedings.

Card Access
Campus Living residents will use their Campus Identification Card to gain entrance into the residence halls, gated parking lots, for eating at food services locations on campus, and to access the DSC Fitness Center. Lost Campus cards should be reported promptly to the Campus Card Office in the Donaghey Student Center, where a new card will be issued for a cost of $15. To maintain safety and security of the buildings, all residents are asked to not permit tailgating, or allowing persons not in possession of a valid access card to follow them into a building. Failure to use your campus card or allowing someone else to use your card for entry is considered illegal entry.

Change Machine
A change machine is located in the vending room on the first floor of East Hall. The machine offers quarters for small bills, such as ones and fives.

Custodial Services
Campus Living custodial staff clean common areas and remove trash from the trash rooms. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms/suites/apartments, including the bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, where applicable. Trash should be emptied regularly into the designated trash bins/chutes. The custodial staff will clean public shared restrooms and common areas, vacuum hallways, and remove trash from the building.

Data Ports
Not all student rooms are equipped with a data port allowing direct access to the University Network, if a student would like access, they need to contact the Campus Living Office. The UA Little Rock Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) can be found in the UA Little Rock Student Handbook and on the UA Little Rock website. Violations of the AUP can result in restriction or denial of network privileges and referral to the University judicial process. Personal computers brought into the residence hall must be free of viruses and have current antivirus software installed. Questions about network access should be directed to the IT Services.

Emergency Alert System
In case of a weather or campus emergency, telephones in student room swill receive an alert with instructions. All residents need to make sure the voicemail is activated on their room phone. Also, students may receive emergency alert telephone or text messages by registering up to six phone numbers via their BOSS account.

Entertainment Rooms
A television room with cable is available for viewing on the fifth floor of East Hall. A theater is also located in the University Commons building. Campus Living Staff may occasionally use these areas for programming.

Each common room in West Hall features a television.

Any Campus Living Staff member has the authority to close a television area when Courtesy and/or Quiet Hours are violated, for excessive trash, or for safety reasons.

Reception Desks
The reception desks of East and West Halls are staffed 24 hours per day. Desk services include checking in visitors, equipment check-out, answering phone calls, monitoring the lobby area, and assisting residents and RAs.

To provide the best possible service for residents, loitering around the reception desks or attempting to go behind the counter is not allowed. The front desk phones are for use by staff for official business purposes only.

Residents are responsible for keeping up with their room keys. A lost key should be reported immediately to the Resident Assistant or Hall Director. The cost of replacing a lost key is approximately $95. The charge includes replacing the locks and keys for the room/suite/apartment doors. Lock changes are performed as a safety precaution for the student who lost the key as well as for his/her roommate(s) so that unauthorized entry can be prevented. If a student gets locked out of his or her room, the student can contact the on-call RA to be let in his/her room. An initial fee of $10 will be charged to the student’s account. A second lock out request is $20 plus a warning, and a third request is $50 plus probation status. Any lockouts after the third are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the hall director. Keys must be returned before a student moves out to prevent additional charges for a lock change.

Staff members are only permitted to allow students into their own rooms. Further, they will not allow parents, friends, or others into student rooms without the student’s permission.

The possession or use of an unauthorized or stolen key for University property will be cause for disciplinary or legal action. Keys obtained from sources other than the University are considered unauthorized.

Laundry Rooms

  • East Hall – A full service laundry facility is located on the first floor of East Hall for that building’s residents. It is open 24 hours a day, by privilege. Residents are charged a semester laundry fee allowing unlimited access to the machines for personal use. Residents simply swipe their UA Little Rock ID card through the reader and select the number of the desired machine. The washers and dryers also accept coins vending for $1.50 per wash cycle and $1.00 per dryer cycle. A soap vending machine is also available. Misuse of the ID card for the purpose of allowing non-resident usage will result in loss of laundry privilege.
  • West Hall – A laundry room is located on each floor of West Hall for that floor’s usage only.

Quiet and Courtesy Hours apply to these rooms. Any staff member has the authority to close the laundry area when Quiet and/or Courtesy Hours are violated.

The United States Postal Service will deliver mail directly to student mailboxes located in the mail room in the University Commons building. Students will be assigned their own mailbox. The Postal Service is a federal agency closed on federal holidays; there will be no mail pick-up or delivery on these holidays or when the Commons building is closed.

Mail to students should be addressed to:
Student’s Name
3101 South Taylor St.
Apt # _____
Little Rock, AR 72204

NOTE: Do NOT put UA Little Rock on your address. Doing so will cause your mail to be mixed in with campus mail, thus causing a delay in your mail delivery.

Parcel lockers are designated in the mail room for basic letter purposes.

When students move out of the residence halls, their mailbox will be closed; they need to register a forwarding address with the Postal Service.

Concerns about mail should be addressed to:
Postmaster, Asher Station
7401 Asher Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72204

Students are encouraged to promptly report any maintenance concern or damage. For routine maintenance, an electronic work order request can be submitted through the Campus Living Self Service Portal. For emergencies, contact a reception desk, the RA on-call, or the Hall Director. Periodic maintenance checks will be conducted throughout the year. Staff will inspect rooms and make note of maintenance concerns. Notices will be posted before conducting regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Campus Living offers parking for residents and their guests, including spaces for handicap accessibility and motorcycles. Residents with vehicles will be issued a Campus Living parking sticker and will use their UA Little Rock ID card for entry into Lots 10, 12, and 15. Residents allowing unauthorized entrance into a lot may lose parking privileges in the gated lots. The charge for a lost or non-returned hang tag is $25.

Vehicles parked in the gated lots without the required Campus Living hang tag or in illegal spaces (i.e. handicapped, reserved, and fire lanes) will be ticketed and possibly towed at the owner’s expense. Parking ticket appeal forms as well as campus parking regulation brochures are available at DPS.

Guest parking is available at the northwest corner of Lot 15.

Lobby Areas
Lobby areas are designated to be comfortable visiting areas for residents and their families and guests. Therefore, the lobby areas will be open for guests who are checked in during regular visitation hours. Residents may use the lobby areas anytime, as long as Courtesy Hours are observed. (See Quiet Hours) All games and/or group activities in the lobbies will end when Quiet Hours begin. Parties or group activities (gatherings of more than three persons with music, dancing, refreshments, excessive noise, or as determined by a Campus Living Staff member) must be approved in advance by the Hall Director. Residents and their guests are reminded to properly dispose of any trash for which they are responsible. Any Campus Living Staff member has the authority to close the lobby area when Quiet and/or Courtesy Hours are violated, when excessive trash is evident, or for safety reasons.

Pest Control
Pest control service is provided as routine maintenance. Rooms are inspected and treated at least once per semester. Residents will be given as much notice as possible before a pest control inspection. The pest control representative is escorted by a Campus Living Staff member, and if no one is in the room/suite/apartment at the time of inspection, the staff member will key into the room(s). The technician comes to the hall every week to spray requested rooms. Requests for room spraying should be submitted to a reception desk or your RA.

Recreation Rooms
Equipment in the recreation rooms of the Commons Building, East Hall, and West Hall is for use by residents. Billiard equipment is available from the Commons Building. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Commons equipment can be checked out from the Campus Living Office. After 5 p.m., the equipment is to be checked out through the Commons Assistant on-duty. A UA Little Rock student photo ID card is required to check-out equipment. Courtesy Hours apply to these rooms at all times. Staff are authorized to close areas when excessive noise is present, excessive trash is evident, or for safety reasons. Guests are allowed in the recreation rooms ONLY under host supervision. Any un-escorted guest or person causing a disturbance (in the judgment of a Campus Living Staff member) will be asked to leave the building.

RAs On-Call
The residence halls are staffed seven days per week, 24 hours per day. The reception desks will know which RAs are on-call and where they are in case of an emergency.

While on-call, RAs make frequent rounds throughout their building(s), checking for maintenance and security issues. During this time, they are also available to respond to resident needs. It is important for residents to remember that RAs are students too. If you need an RA, try to contact the on-call RA first. Then, if needed, contact the front desk. Any RA who is in the building will respond if needed.

Study Rooms
Study rooms are located on each floor in the apartments, excluding the first floor, on each floor in West Hall, and on the fourth floor of East Hall.

Students wishing to study have top priority in these areas. Occasionally the Hall Director and/or Resident Assistants may reserve the areas for programming; signs will be posted as to dates and times. Since these areas are primarily for studying, Quiet and Courtesy Hours will be observed. Any staff member has the authority to close a study area when Quiet and/or Courtesy Hours are violated.

Vending and Ice
Snack, drink, and ice machines are located on the first floor of East Hall, in the Commons Building, on the first floor of both North & South Halls, and in the basement of West Hall.