Information Quality Program Joins UA Little Rock Online Campus – Reduces Tuition for Remote Students!

2016-Rankings-of-Best-Online-Master's-Degrees-in-Information-TechnologyThe Information Quality Graduate Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is please to announce it will be joining the UA Little Rock Online Program beginning in Fall 2017.  The UA Little Rock Online Program is designed for students who wish to complete their degrees entirely online. Because online students will not be using on-campus facilities, the university is able to offer fully online students a lower tuition rate and fee structure. The tuition rate for fully online information quality graduate courses has been reduced to $383.00 per credit hour, and even lower for veterans. The lower cost structure will allow individuals from across the U.S. and overseas to complete the Graduate Certificate in Information Quality and the Master of Science in Information Quality without visiting the Little Rock campus, and at a much lower cost. Enrollment in the online information quality program is available to anyone in any part of the world able to meet the program’s admission requirements and with broadband Internet access.

The Information Quality Graduate Program was one of the first academic programs at UA Little Rock to offer online classes. However until now, these have been hybrid classes allowing students to attend classes both online and in the classroom at their convenience. The section numbers for hybrid webcast classes start with a “9W” prefix. Student who are not residents of Arkansas or residents of one of the states bordering Arkansas are required to pay out-of-state tuition rates for these hybrid courses.  The new classes reserved for entirely online students at the reduced tuition rate will have a section number starting with “9U”. Fully online courses offered by the Information Quality Program this fall include

  • Principles of Information Quality (INFQ 7303-9U1)
  • Information Quality Policy and Strategy (INFQ 7367-9U1)
  • Entity Resolution and Information Quality (INFQ 7348-9U1)
  • Data Mining Concepts and Technology (IFSC 5325-9U1)
  • Information Visualization (IFSC 5345-9U1)
  • Database Systems and Information Architecture (IFSC 7320-9U1)
  • Data Protection and Privacy (IFSC 7360-9U1)

Another feature of the new online program is students can move between the online campus and the Little Rock campus should their circumstances change. This is especially important for international students. For example, an international student qualifying for admission to the Online Information Quality Graduate Certificate can begin studies in the online program while living in his or her own country and without the need to apply for a U.S. visa. GRE scores are not required for admission to the Certificate Program. In addition, the tuition for fully online courses is much lower than the on-campus rate for international students.

After completing the Certificate Program, the student could apply to continue in the MS in Information Quality (MSIQ). If the student’s GPA is 3.5 or higher (out of 4.0) in the Certificate Program, the GRE is waived for admission to the MSIQ Program. At this point, the student can elect to complete the MSIQ degree in his or her home country, or move from the online program to the on-campus program and apply for a student visa to finish the last year of work in the U.S. By having completed the Certificate Program, students are in a much stronger position to obtain a student visa. In addition, the top performers in the online program will be offered financial support to complete their degrees at the Little Rock campus.

If you would like more information about the new online option, please contact the Information Quality Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. John R. Talburt at


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