Location: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, October 6-7, 2017

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2017 MIT ICIQ
The Impact of Facebook’s News Fact-Checking on Information Quality (IQ) Shared on Social Media (Ahmed Abu Halimeh, Pardis Pourghomi, Fadi Safieddine) – Download
Relationship-based Entity Resolution for Organization Alias Mining (Jianjun Cao, Yuling Shang, Qibin Zheng, Xing Zhou, Yi Liu, Hongmei Li, Qin Feng) – Download
Towards a Visual Approach to Aggregate Data Quality Measurements (Tom Haegemans, Michael Reusens, Bart Baesens, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck) – Download
Stable Entity Resolution for High-Dimensional Data (Yi Liu, Xingchun Diao, Jianjun Cao, Nianfeng Weng, Lei Zhang) – Download
A Methodology for Accuracy Assessment of Information Quality in the Processing Production System (Zhiyong Gao, Jianmen Gao, Rongxi Wang, Yanjie Liang, Hongquan Jiang) – Download
Information Transfer-Based Root Cause Tracing for Information Quality Problems of Complex Electromechanical Systems in Process Industry (Rongxi Wang, Jianmin Gao, Zhiyong Gao, Yanjie Liang, Hongquan Jiang) – Download
Towards a Taxonomy for Coordinating Quality of Master Data in Product Information Sharing (Thomas Schäffer, Dirk Stelzer) – Download
Data Quality Improvement Through OODA Methodology (Arun Sundararaman, Sree Krishnan Venkatesan) – Download
Topic Modelling in Information Quality Research: ICIQ 1996 to ICIQ 2016 (Jing Gao, Philip Woodall) – Download
The Challenges of, and Why You Should Reconsider Using, Truth Sets for Optimizing Entity Resolution: A Case Study (Pei Wang, Daniel L. Pullen, Maryam Y. Garza, Meredith N. Zozus) – Download
A User-Centered Model for Assessing and Improving Open Government Data Quality (Meryam Belhiah, Bouchaïb Bounabat) – Download
Rule Templates and Linked Knowledge Sources for Rule-Based Information Quality Assessment in Healthcare (Zhan Wang, Meredith Nahm Zozus) – Download
Comparing the Effectiveness of Deterministic Matching with Probabilistic Matching for Entity Resolution of Student Enrollment Records (Aziz Eram, Abdul Ghani Mohammed, Vishnu Pillai, John R. Talburt) – Download
Automated Data Quality Monitoring (Lisa Ehrlinger, Wolfram Wöß) – Download
Assessing Data Availability for Answering Bedside Questions in the Critical Care Setting (Abdul Ghani Mohammed, Meredith Nahm Zozus, Anne Sofie Andreasen, Melody Penning) – Download
Information Governance in an Academic Medical Center: A Case Study (Tom Powell, Melody Penning, Meredith Nahm Zozus) – Download
Improving Data Quality in the Outpatient Setting: A Case Study of Provider Template Evaluation and Optimization in the Cancer Service Line (Anne Marie Morse) – Download
ISO 8000-81 Data Quality Management Standard, TDQM Compliance, IQ Principles (Abdul Ghani Mohammed, Aziz Eram, John R. Talburt) – Download
Assessing the Quality of Electronic Health Record Data and Patient Self-Report Data (Meredith N. Zozus, Anita Walden, Marcia Byers, Thomas Powell, Pei Wang, Maryam Garza, Guilherme Del Fiol, Jessica Tenenbaum, Matthew Nix, Carl Pieper) – Download
An Evaluation of the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality in Application to an Existing Information Quality-Privacy-Trust Research Framework (Dan Myers, Brian P. Blake) – Download
Impact of Appointing a Chief Data Officer (CDO) on Firm Performance: Relationahsips Among CDO Appointment, Tenure, Duality, and Firm Performance (Yu Nie, Hongyun Zhang, Richard Wang, John R. Talburt) – Download
Inferred Error Rates for Entity Resolution in Healthcare (Melody Penning) – Download
Towards an LSTM-based Approach for Detection of Temporally Anomalous Data in Medical Datasets (Michael Bowie, Edmon Begoli, Byung Park, Jeevith Bopaiah) – Download
Towards a Methodology of Data Management Metrics (Mario Cervi, Flávio de Almedia Pires, Li-Hsin Chang, Lisa Novier, Richard Wang) – Download
Slides from IQ International Track of 2017 MIT ICIQ
Tales from the Trenches: The Art of Building High-Performance Teams for your Chief Data Office and Information Management Program (Prakash Baskar) – Download
The Future of Data Governance: Data Governance in the Data Lake (Michael Davis) – Download
Using Waivers to Drive Governance (Neal Fishman) – Download
Approach to Developing an Enterprise Information and Data Strategy (David Vaz) – Download
Effective Testing Process and Tools for Data Migration-Integration-DWH ETL Projects (Wayne Yaddow) – Download
Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges for Information Management (Prakash Baskar, Michael Davis, Doug Laney, Melody Penning, David Vaz, C. Lwanga Yonke) – Download
Slides from Keynote Presentations of 2017 MIT ICIQ
Data Governance and Capitalization in a Big Data Era (Peter De Leenheer) – Download
Infonomics (Doug Laney) – Download
Complete Proceedings of MIT ICIQ 2017
Proceedings Page – Download