New feature: Bulk delete columns in the Full Grade Center

A new feature in Blackboard’s Grade Center allows instructors to delete multiple columns at once. To access the feature, just go to the Full Grade Center, click the ‘Manage’ button, and select ‘Column Organization’ from the resulting menu.

Image of the Full Grade Center's 'Manage" menu

On the ‘Column Organization’ page, just check the box next to the columns you’d like to remove, and click the ‘Delete’ button at the top or bottom of the page.

Before the addition of the delete button, the only option to remove columns was to do so individually from the main Full Grade Center page. Deleting columns in this manner will remove all associated student submissions, attempts, grades, and settings.

Be careful when using this feature with columns that are linked to content items such as tests and assignments — these columns will not be removed, but student data associated with the columns could be cleared.

If you have questions about this feature or need assistance with using the grade center in your UA Little Rock course, please email

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