Creating test questions in Blackboard

The first step in creating a test in Blackboard is to enter questions, and there are several options for doing this to consider depending on what you have to work with.

Enter questions using Blackboard’s question creation interface: If you are entering questions for a short quiz and don’t have time to learn how to reformat them for import, then you can copy and paste them into the test tool using the question creation interface. You can watch a quick video on the process of creating test questions and learn more about available question types on the Blackboard Help site.

Import questions from a .csv file: Blackboard offers a method for importing test questions directly through the test tool interface, but the question must first be formatted in a specific way in order for the import to work. You can find more information about importing questions on the Blackboard Help website.

Publish questions with Respondus Test Generator: If your test questions are already in word or text format, you can use Respondus Test Generator to publish them to Blackboard. There are still formatting requirements that must be met in order for Respondus to be able to import the questions — you can find more information about using Respondus on the STaR website.

Note: If you are using a test bank that’s been created by the publisher for the textbook you’re using for your course and considering one of the above options, check first to see if the questions are offered in another format. Many publishers offer test bank

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