Academic Training for J-1 Students

Academic Training (AT) is work authorization for J-1 students either during or after their program of study. Student must be in good academic standing and in active J-1 immigration status.  Academic Training must be supported by the student’s program advisor and approved by an International Student Advisor. Before being approved for Academic Training, a J-1 student should work with his or her academic advisor to find an training/internship opportunity that is directly related to the student’s major field of study. The period of authorized AT is generally 18 months or the length of the student’s course of study, whichever is less.


To be eligible for Academic Training, J-1 students must:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be in active J-1 immigration status
  • Be insured with health insurance meeting the DOS requirements for J visitors

Application Procedures

  • Receive a job offer for an internship position in their major are of study
  • Submit Academic Training Request Form with job offer letter to International Student Services two weeks prior to beginning training opportunity
  • Receive updated DS-2019 granting authorization for Academic Training

Note: Students on Academic Training do not receive authorization directly from the Department of State and will not receive an EAD card (Employment Authorization Document, also know as a work permit). The DS-2019 updated for authorization of academic training serves as work authorization.

Deadlines and Timeframe

Start gathering information early to make sure you meet the eligibility for AT. Then apply for AT work authorization after you have the job offer and the letter of support (Academic Training Request Form) from your academic advisor.

Submit your application for AT at least two weeks prior to your first day of work.