Exchange Visitor Processing

Bringing a research scholar or visiting faculty member to work at UA Little Rock involves the Office of Research Compliance, the Office of International Student Services (OISS), and other offices as necessary to process the required immigration paperwork needed to obtain status as a visiting scholar.

The following are the steps that need to be followed when bringing a visiting Research Scholar or Faculty member to UA Little Rock.

Steps to Bring a J-1 Researcher or Visiting Professor to UA Little Rock

  1. Create an invitation letter to be signed off by the chair and dean.
  2. Forward the signed letter to the Office of Research Compliance.
  3. Complete the Visual Compliance Data Form, J-1 Application Form (your exchange visitor), and J-1 Visa Departmental Application and forward them to the Office of Research Compliance.
  4. If the exchange visitor is transferring from another college, they will have to complete the J-1 Transfer of Program Sponsorship form.

After J-1 Researcher or Visiting Professor Arrives

  1. Exchange visitors report to OISS with their DS-2019, visa, passport, and I-94 to complete the mandatory immigration reporting process.
  2. OISS validates program participation in SEVIS.
  3. Exchange visitors complete the Non-Resident Alien Employment Approval Form online.
  4. OISS prepares the necessary paperwork needed for exchange visitors to apply for an SSN.
  5. Exchange visitors work with the Office of Research Compliance’s Export Control Officer for any other necessary paperwork needed to begin employment or research on-campus.