MeeScan Self-Checkout in Ottenheimer

The Ottenheimer library has recently unveiled a novel addition that promises to transform the way patrons interact with books. Situated conveniently on the first floor, between the bustling main desk and the elevators, the newly introduced MeeScan stand offers a fresh approach to the checkout process.

Gone are the days of cumbersome procedures and time-consuming transactions. With MeeScan, borrowing and returning library books has become a remarkably streamlined experience. By simply scanning their library card and swiftly hovering the book under the stand’s scanner, users receive an email confirmation of their successful checkout. Returning books is equally hassle-free, with a quick interaction at the MeeScan stand ensuring prompt check-in.

At the heart of MeeScan lies its user-friendly interface, characterized by its clean and minimalist design. The stand’s intuitive system eliminates the need for complex commands or confusing instructions, allowing patrons to effortlessly navigate the process.

The introduction of MeeScan at the Ottenheimer library signifies a notable leap forward in enhancing user convenience. By embracing this innovative technology, patrons can now embark on a more streamlined and accessible journey through the library’s vast collection of knowledge.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need more information, please contact IT Services for assistance.

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