Upgrading core network brings faster Wi-Fi speed

IT Services is excited to announce a significant upgrade to the campus network infrastructure that will replace the existing core network hardware in buildings throughout campus.

Currently underway, the multi-month project will produce a blazing fast 200 Gigabit bandwidth across campus. Over time, all buildings will receive significantly upgraded bandwidth that provides faster speeds within a more robust and resilient network infrastructure.

This upgrade marks a tenfold increase in capacity, which allows faster data transfers, smoother 8K HD video streaming, and improved overall network performance. Faster core network speeds improve productivity for all users, whether moving files on Wi-Fi, streaming videos, or collaborating with colleagues.

The enhanced capacity ensures that the network is provisioned to handle growing demands without compromising performance. Additionally, the upgrade provides next generation efficiencies in power consumption which results in a greener footprint in the data center.

Although upgrading critical core network hardware can be a complex process that requires careful planning and implementation, every effort will be undertaken to minimize downtime and disruptions to the campus.

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