Workday Student Technical Workstreams

The Workday Student implementation is well underway and progressing steadily toward the July 2024 milestone. The scope of this milestone includes admissions for all programs, application fees/deposits, and additional academic foundation training which will prepare the Admissions Staff and Applicants for Fall 2025.

A critical part of this process involves the collaboration between IT Services and the Workday vendor to convert and  integrate UA Little Rock’s legacy student system with Workday. Following are the major Workday Student Technical Workstreams:

  • Data Conversion – The data conversion process is focused on extracting, transforming, and loading UA Little Rock Main Campus, Clinton, and Law information into Workday. The next milestone is initiating the production data pull. This crucial step begins transitioning from testing to live implementation and leveraging Workday Student’s full capabilities. We want to emphasize the collaborative efforts across teams that are being made to address challenges that will ensure a smooth transition through rigorous testing and validation procedures, guaranteeing data accuracy and integrity.
  • Integrations – Developing integrations for Workday Student involves reviewing an inventory of over 80 currently used campus auxiliary applications. Throughout this process, we will determine whether to migrate the application to a Workday report, build a Workday integration, or decommission the service.
  • Reporting – We have invested significantly in training 21 report writers across various campus departments. This ensures their proficiency in effectively utilizing Workday’s reporting tools and makes them feel valued and integral to the process. In addition, we have identified 184 existing reports that must be migrated to the Workday Student platform. We are currently implementing security role-based assignments within Workday Student to ensure that appropriate employees have access to the proper reports.
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