Two Sentence Horror Stories

The UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library is hosting a Two Sentence Horror Story contest that will run from October 17th through October 27th.

Contestants will submit their works using this form:

Here are a few examples:

“When the long winter came, Mom promised us we’d never go hungry. We never asked where she got so much meat.” (Nyssa 23)

“A disembodied voice echoed out of the darkness, raspy and low. ‘Student loans.'” (Alisia Strautins)

“In the end, she took my heart. Everything else, she left for the flies”-David Miles

“The GPS in the rental car led down a narrow gravel road that ended at a graveyard. The headlights landed on a headstone engraved with my name and today’s date as the engine quit.”-Karen Combs.

The top three winners will receive a swag bag of ghoulish goodies. Winners will be announced on Friday, October 28th @ 12:00 PM. Come join us at the Trick or Treat table!

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