Help envision a new library experience. Become a Library VP

UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library is currently recruiting students to serve on its inaugural student advisory board.

This advisory board will be called the Ottenheimer Library Vision Partners or VPs.

Interested UA Little Rock students should complete this form by Friday, February 24.

Please feel free to pass this recruitment message on to students who might be a good fit for this opportunity.

What are Vision Partners?

VP serves as a library advisory board. VPs engage in two-way communication between the library and students. VPs offer strategic advice concerning library services, spaces, collections, and policies. VPs contribute to library student success projects while learning practical and professional skills.

Who can serve as a VP?

Currently enrolled UA Little Rock students with a minimum of 2.00 GPA are eligible to submit an application.

VPs must have respect for the ideas and needs of others along with a desire to work collaboratively to achieve goals.

Who selects the VPs?

The library staff will select partners to ensure ideas and perspectives from various academic, leadership, social, and athletic affiliations, and overall interest and availability.

The library will post a call for partners each semester. VPs are appointed for one term. Eligible students can apply to serve multiple terms. Membership will consist of no fewer than three members and no more than ten members to ensure meaningful collaboration.

What should VPs expect if selected?

This is an action-driven program with opportunities for partners to demonstrate practical skills and develop meaningful relationships.

VPs should expect to spend between 10 to 15 hours per term in meetings and service-related activities.

What types of activities will VPs do?

The library staff and VPs will choose one student success project each term to complete. The project can be designed to promote library awareness; improve library services, spaces, or collections; foster meaningful connections between the library and students; or otherwise support student learning and experiences.

How will VPs collaborate with library staff? 

The library will designate a library representative to provide information, guidance, and resources needed to facilitate successful meetings and activities. VPs will attend monthly meetings. During the first meeting of each term, the library and VPs will discuss the state of the library, library student success initiatives, and potential projects for the term. The remaining meetings will be divided into two parts: In the first part of the meetings, the library representative will provide library-related updates and VPs will advise on library matters. In the second part of those meetings, VPs will provide any project related updates and the library will advise and/or work with VPs on projects.

Will VP involvement make a difference? 

Yes! VPs are library partners and support decision making. At the end of the term, VPs will highlight accomplishments and share recommendations for continuous improvements to library and campus stakeholders. In turn, the library will inform VPs and campus stakeholders how they plan to use the VPs recommendations to improve the library experiences.

VPs also build relationships and network with peers and campus decision makers. VPs directly impact peer experiences and develop valuable leadership, communication, problem solving skills.

Still interested? Complete this form by Friday, February 24:

Please feel free to pass this recruitment message on to students who might be a good fit for this opportunity.

Please contact Louise L. Lowe, Student Success Coordinator for Ottenheimer Library if you have additional questions.

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