Tea, pastries and teaching: an A”Tea”LE at the Ottenheimer library!

A transparent cup filled with tea with mint leaves next to it sitting on a tweed woven coaster.

How does tea, pastries, muffins and stimulating conversation sound to you?  Is it something you’d be interested in?  If so, you would have enjoyed the recent A”Tea”LE event held at Ottenheimer Library in partnership with UA Little Rock’s Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

On Wednesday, April 26th, a group of educators and library professionals gathered in Library 535 to discuss their experiences and ideas.  The event was a cozy and relaxed affair, with a wide array of pastries, muffins, teas, and coffee available.  Whether you were in the mood for coffee, a fragrant herbal tea, or sweet treat to pair with your beverage of choice, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

But this was no ordinary coffee break.  The A”Tea”LE event was a chance for educators and library professionals to come together to exchange strategies, support, and ideas.  The informal atmosphere allowed participants to share their experiences and collaborate on ways to enhance teaching and learning methods.

The A“Tea”LE event was just one example of the many ways that Ottenheimer Library and UA Little Rock’s Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence are working to support and engage educators on campus.  By offering opportunities for collaboration and discussion, they are helping to create a community of passionate and effective educators who are dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for their students.

So if you missed out on the A“Tea”LE event, be sure to keep an eye out for future opportunities to connect with your fellow educators and exchange ideas.  And in the meantime, why not enjoy a cup of tea and pastry as you reflect on your own teaching strategies and methods?  Who knows-you might just come up with your next big ideas over a delicious snack and a warm beverage.

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