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Katelin Matusevich Receives the 2024 Karen Russ Award

The Ottenheimer Library proudly announces Katelin Matusevich, a diligent doctoral student from Blacksburg, Virginia, as the recipient of the esteemed 2024 Karen Russ Memorial Award for Excellence in Research. This distinguished honor recognizes Matusevich’s exceptional work in her project titled “The Impact of Childhood Experiences on Youth Involvement in Group Violence.”

Matusevich’s groundbreaking research delves into the intricate relationship between prior victimization experiences and youth engagement in violent behaviors. Utilizing a meticulous approach, she employed government data, including vital juvenile information, to select participants for her study. Additionally, Matusevich accessed invaluable insights from government agencies concerning gang-related phenomena.

The culmination of Matusevich’s efforts was unveiled at the 2024 Research Expo held on April 19. Her presentation not only showcased the depth of her analysis but also featured two compelling posters elucidating her findings. The crowning moment of recognition awaits her at the Expo Awards ceremony scheduled for Friday, April 26, where she will formally receive the Karen Russ Memorial Award.

Established in honor of the late Karen Russ, a revered colleague who dedicated over two decades to serving and supporting UA Little Rock’s research community, the Karen Russ Memorial Award symbolizes excellence in utilizing government data for scholarly inquiry. Russ’s legacy as the government documents librarian continues to inspire generations of researchers.

The $500 prize accompanying the award is a testament to Matusevich’s outstanding achievement and commitment to academic excellence. The faculty and staff of Ottenheimer Library extend their heartfelt congratulations to Matusevich for her remarkable use of government materials and unwavering dedication to scholarly pursuits. 

Katelin standing in front of her poster

Photo Credit: Donna Rose, Metadata Lead Librarian, UA Little Rock





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