Math Remediation Program

General Description

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for core math, then you must take mathematics remediation. At UALR, we now offer Corequisite Courses which allows you to take the core math along with the remediation course (a one hour support lab) during the same semester. If you need to review a full semester before entering the connected courses, we now offer Foundations Coursesto better prepare you. See below for more information.

Corequisite Courses

Cut scores for the corequisite courses are listed below. You must enroll in both for the same semester. You have the same instructor and same grade. You are getting credit for your core math and math remediation all within one semester.

College Algebra Track

IF ACT Math 18-20 OR SAT Math 450-499 OR COMPASS 43-44, then eligible to take:

MATH 1302 College Algebra AND MATH 0102 College Algebra Lab

Quantitative and Mathematics Reasoning Track

IF ACT Math 16-18 OR SAT Math 430-479 OR COMPASS 41-43, then eligible to take:

MATH 1321 Quant and Math Reasoning AND MATH 0121 Quant and Math Reasoning Lab

Foundations Courses

IF your ACT/SAT/COMPASS is less than what is needed to take the connected courses, then first you must take a full semester of remediation to brush up on pre-requisite skills as follows:

MATH 0332 Foundations of College Algebra unless your score is ACT 18+, SAT 450+, COMPASS 43+

*Upon A, B, or C grade in MATH 0332 Foundation of College Algebra, then you are eligible to take the corequisite College Algebra.

MATH 0330 Foundations of Quant and Mathematical Reasoning unless your score is ACT 16+, SAT 430+, COMPASS 41+

*Upon A, B, or C grade in MATH 0330 Foundations of Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning, then you are eligible to take the corequisite Quantitative and Math Reasoning.

Please visit UALR’s Testing Services webpage at for up to date mathematics placement scores.

General Information

If you have questions about the above or need help getting registered into one of the classes, please contact us at or at 501-569-8100.

Don’t know if you need College Algebra or Quantitative Math? Click on the link QMR Accepted Majors to see a list of majors that accept Quantitative Math. All other majors require College Algebra. Always check with your adviser just to double check.

Having trouble with the material? Click here if you need need help with some of the content covered in your class. There may be a video on this list that will help you.

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